5 Piece Tail Coat Suits

These are beautiful Vivaki 5 piece boy's tailcoat suits, ideal for weddings and special occasions. Available for all ages from 0 to 14 years old, your boys can all have outfits which match the groom's without breaking the bank. Our Tail Coat Suits consist of a fully lined, single-bresated tailcoat suit jacket, fastened with a single button and vented at the back, gradually curved tails with a vent and two ornamental buttons. Also included are a matching lined waistcoat, trousers, shirt and a tie or cravat. All of the details on these suits are authentic with working pockets and a superb attention to detail. Our Vivaki Tail Coat Suits come in a variety of colour combinations - at our low prices, it's now affordable to dress the boys at your wedding in the same style as the groom. Of course, if your boy is a budding concert pianist, one of our tail coat suits is a must!

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