Boy's suit measurements explained:

This should be used as a guide only!
Measure your child's natural waistline around the belly button - most of our suit trousers have elasticated waistbands, so there is ample room for growth.
Inside Leg
Inside leg measurements are taken from just below the crotch to approximately an inch past the ankle. It is better to order trousers which are longer than necessary as it's easy to turn up a trouser leg, but impossible to add length to a too-short pair of trousers.
Jacket Length
This measurement is taken from the nape of the boy's neck, down to about half way down the child's bottom. A tailcoat suit should come down to approximately the back of the boy's knees.
The sleeve length is measured from the boy's shoulder to about an inch past the boy's wrist.
Measure the fullest part of the boy's chest, just below the armpits.
This is a measure of the largest part of the boy's neck, at the base of the neck around where the shirt collar buttons.


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